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i am the boy with the broken jaw

so i made this comuniy a long time ago
and then i kinda forgot about it
and for that im sorry
but im back

thanks to the few people that joined

here are a few of my peices
mostly old stuff

A children’s story in the shape of a bear trap

we all gather together
in a circle on the bright blue carpet
sitting Indian style and sipping juice boxes
patiently waiting for the woman with the wondering eye to come and tell us a story

a story about princess, castles and dragons
a story where all the lovers murder each other in the end
a story with no plot
just this burial plot
that lay outstretched before you
as you stand there
staring headstrong at the headstone
you struggle to read the engraving
but you can’t make it out

the syllables stray from the words
and dance in circles around you
it must be written in some dead language
the letters laugh at you
as your jaw drops
falls right off your face and shatters into a million pieces on the cold December ground

and you wonder
is this handsome hole where your body will lay
or is it just a trap dug by the story teller to trick you


The townspeople count their blessings
And speak under their breath
So not to wake the horrible beast
That lives in the pits of their stomachs
It comes out only at night
And lurks around in the back of your mind
If you turn your back for just one second
He’s sure to eat you alive

Russian roulette (a modern day love song)

if 2 bullets
were fired from the barrel of the same gun

would they just fly straight
faster and faster into the flesh
carving two perfect little holes
Straight through the heart
Only to stop when they reach the vertebrae

or would they stop for a moment
in mid-flight for a goodbye kiss
before they hit the target

bullets are just like lovers
(explosive and beautiful yet cold to the touch)
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