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stole it from my lj... hi by the way

his father was a general in the greatest war
the most horrific of wars and he would speak to his son
like his son was a ghost
'now son, remember when all was well? tell me what went wrong.'
then the father would lean farther back in his chair, close his eyes and sigh

the son grew up, looking in the mirror to see
if he was see through
he thought that maybe since girls didn't look at him
and boys didn't talk to him
maybe being a ghost was the truth

there was always a boy that sat in the back of my class
he was so pale, so anemic looking and sickly
after a while he would just blend in with the off-white walls
teachers didn't really call on him

then i heard about the kid
you know, that really pale scrawny one? that got beat up
in the boys locker room
left to lie there in a pool of his own blood

word was the when he got home his dead didn't even care
his mother never called the school to see
exactly what had happened
the kid never came back

and eventually
eventually, we all forgot
about that pale kid that teachers never called on
and girls never talked to

until.. until that one day
when he came back

he came back and something had changed. if ghostly before
then what was he now? a wisp, a wisp of nothing
see through skin and bones poking out here and there
teachers, for some reason
seemed to notice the nothing

well what happened?

something must have been going on at home you know
he just didn't do that
to himself

and then we found out, and the news isn't always so good
the kid's father, unrealized war hero
snapped out of his stupor one day and realized his child wasn't a ghost,
and his mother still alive
now, our war-hero
never wanted the same for his son again

he though maybe, just maybe if they could start over
then it could be good again. go to heaven and then start over
even soldiers can believe in reincarnation

one night while the kid's mom was asleep, the general covered her face
with a soft, goose feather pillow.
suffocating.. quietly in the night
after a few minutes the general moved and saw his work done
wife's face frozen

he was on the right path

he went to his son's room, back when he was still black and blue
opened the door so quietly, no one would have ever known if he'd just left him alone
but no, his son wasn't there-
'Where are you? Where are you son? Come! We need to start over! Before the helicopters get here and you get sent off to a platoon! We have to stop it from happening! SON! SON WHERE ARE YOU? GOD DAMNIT DON'T YOU SEE THIS IS ALL FOR YOUR PROTECTION?! YOUR MOTHER WANTED IT THIS WAY! NO SON OF MINE IS JOINING SOME DEATH SQUAD! WHERE IN THE HELL ARE YOU? BOY! WHEN I FIND YOU-"

then, knock-knock on the door

knock, knock, knock
'Sir, please open up. This is the police we've had a noise complaint."

suddenly panic set in. our general realized what had happened, realized
it never looks good when you're suffocated your wife

so what's he do? what is he to do..? Hide of course! no, no
then they could send him away again
no, it's time for battle! no more running away, he's no ghost anymore.
One shot towards the front door

The police have no other choice now. what do you do when a crazy man shoots at you?

go in the back way, sneak up on him from behind, gun to his head.
general freezes the enemy has him
he knows it

he raises his hands, handgun still in hand

'drop the weapon now. I SAID DROP THE WEAPON!'

what happens next? what happened because he didn't drop his weapon. he didn't drop his weapon.
he lowered his hands, the police back up

the man raises the gun again and before anyone can say anything

it goes off

and now there is a hole in his forward about 2 centimeters wide
gushing red

the police stand still for a minute, his body has dropped to the floor
then there is a noise at the top of the stairs
there is our pale boy, frozen for a minute looking down at what has become of the general

the police bring him down. ask him what happened.
he was in the bathroom, the whole time.
after hearing the sounds in his parents bedroom he hid, like the ghost he always felt like
he hid, knowing he was next

so our classmate was stuck in foster care
until some relative decided to take him in

so our classmate
never got beaten up again
we all figured
enough abuse, enough

i never knew billy
but billy, billy knew all about skeletons
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