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totally copy pasted this one outta my journal but it belongs here too...

"Open up and come out with your hands above your head, this is your last chance."

"No way, ill kill you, ill kill all of you!"

"we're warning you we aren't afraid of using force."

"I got all the force i need right here."

"Give him the gas hes not responding..."

"this is your final warning the SWAT is on their way."

"I'm not afraid of no swat team!"

"fire the gas."

"Caugh caugh, thats it! you hit me in the stomach with that asshole."

"he isn't budging, sent in the negotiator."

"Mr. Brown you dont have to end it like this."

"Who the fuck are you?!"

"Im Captain Geoff Fitzpatric."

"fuck you"

bang bang bang

"holy shit! he shot the negotiator. send in the swat."

Clunk! "were through the door sir."

"were is he?"

"i dont see a thing."

"where the fuck are you asshole?"

"I'm right here." said the little boy holding a toy dart gun while sitting in the fort he made by draping blankets over the kitchen table...

your beloved...
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